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The coolest performance I have ever seen.


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Watched it again, this time in full screen :)

Didn't do much for me. It did remind me of the move shown at 9:01 in this video:

In a similar setting, I like stuff like this:

Arguably, this one includes a fuller band, but even when I saw Albert King just sitting down and playing guitar by himself his intensity was undeniable, and this was just a few months before he died. Same with Prince. For the second part of his show he walked alone on stage, with a purple acoustic guitar, and the whole audience was mesmerized by his performance.

For out of tune slide, I prefer Cedell Davis:
(The audio is out of sync)

This White Stripes performance did nothing for me. Reminded me of cliched rock moves, but to me is was nothing special.
But it's cool that you enjoyed it. Different tastes, that's all :)

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I just watched that clip a second time and I'm going to go out on a limb and make some bold statements.


Oh well this will be gone when HC 2.0 comes in so at least there won't be a paper trail.


I'm an old guy and like many old guys I haven't paid much attention to more recent music. This is the first time I've really listened to Jack White.


I like this guy a lot. His musical roots seem to go fairly deep. (at least into the middle of the last century).


He's clearly paying tribute to players that came before him. He's standing at the end of a chain that includes John Lee Hooker, Elvis, The Cramps, and many others.


I'm betting that the Jack White haters that I keep hearing on this forum probably don't care for those other artists as well. I find that a little sad.

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