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Happy Birthday To Me=Marshall Class 5

The Bear

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Just ordered a Marshall Class 5 from Interstate Music.

15% discount and 8% back from Bing.

Not a bad deal.

Can't wait to get this little jem.

54 and still kickin'.


Well ya old fart Happy Birthday....:wave:


I am so envious, I think that little bugger has moved up to the number one on my gas chart list. I think me and you share a lot of the same music & gear likes so I will be waiting to hear your critical review when you get it and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

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You are aware that you are going to have to post pics and probably clips of your new amp, are you ?


Happy birthday sir !



Man, I haven't recorded anything in ages.

I've been meaning to start again.

Maybe this will be the catalyst.

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And a big heartfelt happy birthday to ya my friend.
Course ya know a Marshall means it's time to get up on stage again.:poke: We's like fine wines, just gettin better with age - you still the man Tony.



Thank you my friend.

Yeah, I'm enjoying my 50s'.


I am looking forwrd to going to an open mic this spring.

This amp will be a lot easier to bring along.

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