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Have spent the past 2 hours or so thrashing away on my new Agile AD-201 TS.


Good: This is alot of guitar for $250....not in parts mind you, but in overall build quality. The neck is about the same as a 60's slim taper, 1-11/16" nut, guesstimate 11"/12" radius, very comfy, excellent fretwork(medium), slight buzz on the open bottom E string. flawless finish, can't detect any seams on the body(might be one piece but I think these are advertised as 3 piece?). Comes in at a hefty 9 lbs. but doesn't feel that heavy, very well balanced, real Grover tuners and nicely cut "graphite" nut. No complaints about how it plays....


Bad: Granted p90 guitars are supposed to be noisy. This one is too noisy.....250k mini-pots, shoddy wiring(the jack & switch are fine I think), simple wraparound tailpiece bridge w/adjusment screws. It's impossible to get this thing intonated properly. Would probably be fine for someone that plays mostly notes...I play mostly chords and they have to sound in tune damnit....I'm undecided about the pickups. They don't suck.


I've order a RS Guitarworks LP Jr. upgrade kit for it(500k pots & a Jenson .22 cap, cloth wire), and also ordered a RS 100V .22 cap in case I don't like the Jenson. I'm going to wait and see how it sounds after rewiring before deciding if I'll keep the pickups. And I'm definitely swapping out the bridge as soon as I decide what to replace it with. Might stick a bone nut in there too....


Overall a pretty badass guitar. I'm satisfied :thu:





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