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New Amp Day.


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Yeah, I know this isn't the AMP forum.

But, nobody ever seems to post anything about amps in the amp forum anymore.

But, hey my Carvin ST300 is in the pic too.

So, it's still guitar related. :lol::lol:






Carvin V3.


I've only had her a few days.

She came loaded with 6l6's .

The former owner also sent the EL34's along as well as the FS44 footswitch.

Got her for $535 plus shipping.

I thought it was a decent deal.


So far I really like it.

Got a real nice clean tone and a nice metal tone out of her so far.

To you guys it would probably be more of a classic metal sounding tone.

But, I'm an old fart and tend to gravitate to that sound.

Think John Sykes, Doug Aldrich.


But you can get into brutals territory with the thick mode on and deep knob up.

And if you need more there's the expanded EQ switch also.


There's a lot on this amp. It'll take me a bit to really learn all the things it can do. I've only touched the surface.

So far so good.


I'm using it with my Sonic 4x12 cab which is loaded with Carvin(eminence) GT12-16's. Carvin's version of the V30.


I also have a cab loaded with the old Celestion G12m-70's. But, haven't tried it yet with this head.

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Never ever seen or heard of that amp before, but it looks sweeeeet


And you're right - the Amp forum seem to talk about everything BUT amps.

Here Dougie.
Angelo Jannotti demo-ing the V3.


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