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Minitruth - the pancake man


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As a result of a recent thread wondering about the pancakes......Many of you will remember Minitruth and his humour and dedication to learning and improving his music. You may also remember his wife was playing bass and he was starting out in a band??


Sadly he has hit a run of bad luck and major changes in their life.


Dahlia was diagnosed w/Multiple Sclerosis a few months ago. They were forced to abandon the house in Vermont, because she could not get the medical care she needed there. She'd already had other issues and now this one.


Things are not sounding good at all. He has a very good guitar teacher who is a great friend as well and he has somehow kept Rick playing through all of this.

He says he misses JJ, Dave and the rest of the lot at HCEG. The only time he gets these days is early in the morning. .....home late at night, too tired to do anything but sleep. Having to work and take care of Dahlia.

He sounds like a guy in need of support.


I have his new address but I am leery of posting it here.

If anyone wants to send Dahlia a get well card, or message him, post a reply here and I will PM you the address or email. That will be tomorrow as its 11pm here.


Step up guys, these folks need some support.

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Aw, man! That's gonna be tough!

MS isn't something you "get over," is it? man.

Best wishes out to them. Seriously.

MS is chronic...it can be "managed" somewhat, but it is not curable. A good friend of my wife and I has the double-whammy of MS and stage 4 breast cancer :(, but is still going pretty strong (fingers crossed).

I've missed MT around here, but more importantly, I hope Dahlia gets the treatment she needs, and they come through OK! :thu:

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Silver linings, if you'd please to pass them along:


1) Vermont is not THAT far from Boston. Brigham and Women's hospital has one of the BEST MS facilities in the entire country.


2) MS is NOT a death sentence, nor is it and end of life as you know it. My boss at work was diagnosed with MS some 10 years ago. She has been getting treatment at the above hospital, and still lives a productive and wonderful life. Her best friend was ALSO diagnosed with MS, and she is currently (and happily) expecting her first child.


3) There's a lot of people over here at HC with good mojo, prayers, and well wishes. We're here for you minitruth!

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