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Which pup in which position?


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First off, I play a Dean Cadillac Select. The neck pickup sounds like pure mud, raise it, lower it, EQ it.... Still mud. SOOO... I'm gonna replace the pups with GFS crunchy rails and power rails. I play mostly HEAVY rhythm, and I'm not sure with position I want them in. First instinct says I want the crunchy in the neck for the deeper sound, and the power rail in the bridge for liquid solos. But, having the higher output crunchy rail in the bridge position would give insane distortion and awesome harmonics. Then I could rely on the power rail in the neck for smoother bluesy riffs and solos. I know it's all personal preference, but what would you guys do?


Oh, I play through a Kustom Double Barrel with a Digitech Death Metal mostly. If I want DEEP riffs I actually play through an Acoustic B200 bass amp. Metal riffs through a 15" sound amazing...lol.

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