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Peavey Bravo Combo is now a custom head - Pics inside

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Posted on TGP - thought you might want to see:


Many of you know that during the time Peavey was producing its Ultra series of tube amplifiers, they also made the smaller 6L6 Prowler and even smaller EL84 Bravo. The Bravo was considered the low end 1x12" combo but ended up being the best sounding of the bunch. The problem for me is the combo suffers from a poorly designed enclosure for the speaker that sounds too small. Even an upgrade in the speaker still leaves this small combo short.


One day I was browsing the Houston Craigslist ads and came across a local custom cabinet maker, so I started an exchange of e-mails. As an experienced woodworker, making a custom head enclosure presented little challenge to somebody who makes large entertainment centers and fills entire kitchens with custom cabinets, so he agreed to make the Bravo a head.


I met with him on Tuesday and we decided 3/4" birch with a medium stain would be ideal for the project but I had no idea how nice it would turn out. The pictures tell part of the story but what is missing is how easy this person was to work with.


His contact information is below, but I assure you that I have no relation with the builder other than this project. He is on the east side of Houston and also happens to be a guitar player:


Brandon b_plata86@yahoo.com















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