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Wondering how much my 1979 Gibson 'The Paul' is worth


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i found one in cuernevaca morelos--i havent played it yet --im not too excited --here we play double price for gibsons--she wants 24,000 pesos or one thousand dollars--im going to offer onlt if its in perfect condition 18,000 pesos or a little less than 800 dollars--well see about this guitar--


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Funny story maybe.

Back in 1980 I was looking for a decent guitar. I was thinking may a nice SG or a Les Paul. Maybe a Fender Stratocaster. Strats were kind of expensive, so my choice was a Gibson SG Standard. They were nicely discounted by a local dealer in town here, and mine was like $475 with tax.

Word got a round I might be looking for a Strat and I met this guy here in town that had one. I still know his name and where he lives now.

I played it and it was nice. We sat at his mom's kitchen table and I handed him 300 bucks for it.

He turned around and bought a Gibson The Paul. I facebooked him a long while back and told I still have the guitar. He no longer had The Paul.


The Paul is a walnut body construction and is pretty weighty. They might have come with Dirty Fingers pick ups.

The Paul and the Firebrand series that came afterwards was around for that long.


I bet if you can find one, you'll find out they came with a Gibson Chainsaw case. Those cases are worth a nice chunk of coin. There's a gen 1 chainsaw case and a gen 2. My SG standard in is a GEN 1, My Les Paul, which I bought in 1982 came in a GEN 2.

They say the Norlin years are not the best Gibson year, but I'm fine with them.


Heritage guitars were not around yet and I believe "The Pauls" were made in Nashville and not in Kalamazoo.




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My very first Gibson was a ‘79 or ‘80 Firebrand Paul. It was natural mahogany, and it had the branded headstock and was fitted out with t-top humbuckers and came with a chainsaw case. I don’t remember exactly what I paid for it, but I bought it new from a music store in Whittier CA that I was working at at the time. I really wanted the wine red Deluxe they had, but I couldn’t afford it, and settled for The Paul instead. I bought a Fender Champ to go along with it. I really wish I still had that guitar... it’s one of the ones that got away... :cry: 

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