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Finally got me an Atom...


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Got the Atom today. Wow. Quick review:


1. Fit and finish is fantastic. Then again, it *is* a Tom Anderson, so no surprise here.

2. The top is actually more beautiful in person than in pics.

3. This guitar has so many tones, it's unfair.

4. This is not the LP replacement I was looking for, though :(

5. The neck is thinner than I like, but is extremely comfortable and is not a deal breaker for me.

6. So far I enjoyed the clean tones more than the distorted ones, but I reserve judgement until I have had more time to play with it.

7. That middle pickup... it sounds great. No really, it does. But it's in the damn way of my pickin' fingers! I suppose I"ll get used to it at some point :)

8. So far: this guitar is a winner. Looks great, plays great, sounds great. I'll upload vids later.

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No actually, the whole point of the buying tons of guitars has always been to define my personal ultimate rig :)


You may notice, for example, that my Crook T has been with me for a while now. So has my Lentz T. And that once I found that guitar that filled the tonal niche I wanted, I have sold all the others that were made redundant.


The Thorn Junior 90 for example is so stunning that I sold a one of a kind Huber Dolphin Jr and a Collings 290, no less. Two incredible guitars in their own right.


So I still would like a 335-ish guitar, and then I'll be very happy :D

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