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BG Hellabucker/Lizard-HT5


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I guess just a day to play with my new pups. I have the Hellabucker/ Lizard combo in my D'Agostino Les Paul clone. This time ran guitar into Blackstar HT-5 head-1/12 cab Rhythm is middle position(both pups) lead is Hellabucker.

A different side of the Blackstar as we have all heard higher gain stuff it does.

Both pups awesome, this has taken some time away from my songwriting but it is fun Clip



Kinda bummed about my arm/hands as I have an EMG scheduled before a possible spinal surgery on my neck. Numbness and weakness with left arm and left hand. Makes it hard to move very fast on the fretboard.

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Thanks. I do plan on coil split on both pups. I also look forward to some more

aggressive tone with the Hellabucker, I've done some tracking with it and I

can't believe how the string definition is so present on the heavier strings

when throwing a lot of gain(way more than this clip)

The Lizard neck represent total class/quality. Such a smooth creamy distortion

Wonderful clean and A friend of mine has one with mini-toggle for coil split and it sounds great that way as well.

One of my favorite combo's on the Blackstar is a Les Paul type guitar with medium output pups IFS all the way to the British side. With the Hellabucker

I lean more toward the American side. It takes the Blackstar to new places when turning up the gain.........

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