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X-Posted: Anyone good with wiring? Problem!


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I'm having a "duh" moment right now...


I've got two single coils wired up to this configuration:


Master Volume

Neck Tone

Bridge Tone

Three way Pickup selector

Phase switch (DPDT, on/on)

Series/Parallel switch (DPDT, on/on)


I've got a problem with the phase and series/parallel switches. With the two DPDT switches, I should be able to get four different tones from the middle position of the pickup selector:

  • In phase/Parallel

  • Out of phase/Parallel

  • In phase/Series

  • Out of phase/Series


However, in the position marked by the blue boxes, ALL output is killed:





Am I goofing something up, or is it not possible to get all four tones from this particular switching scheme? I think I'm sending both the positive and negative to ground, but I'm brain-fried at this point.

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Try running your bridge jumper to where the neck+ ends up now. Then take your neck+ and go from the center left pin of that switch to the pin not currently being used. The starting point of your bridge jumper will then be the one not used. Been awhile since I did a phase switch. I'll look that up when I can. But it doesn't look quite right ground wise.

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