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Look Ma, new cabs!


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I've been fleshing out my modest two channel guitar rig, so all my modulation pedals are all stereo in/out. The final touch was finding two matching cabs to house my two 10" Eminence speakers (Red Coat & Ragin' Cajun). I had a couple cobbled together boxes (yes, that one on the right is a car sub box from Parts Express):facepalm:




Found Fullertone Cabs on CL, and talked to the guy who ended up building me two nice cabs for $230 the pair. http://www.myspace.com/fullertonecabs



These I had made as open semi open backs, though I'm toying with having him make a set of "full backs" for me to be able to add a bit more low end with a sealed cab if required


Hoping to get them cranked this weekend at our monthly jam!! :thu:

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