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Who'd you pick for an It Might Get Loud sequel?


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Elder: BB King, Buddy Guy, John Fogarty, Santana, Clapton, Beck, Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, Scotty Moore, James Burton, David Gilmour, Jim Hall, Herb Ellis, Kenny Burrell

Middle: Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Mike Campbell, EVH, Alex Lifeson

Young Gun: Derek Trucks, Mike McCready, Brad Paisley one of the guys from The Black Crowes?


My ideal would be:

Billy, BB or Joe for the elder (wise, funny) Lifeson for the middle (tech like the edge but a better guitarist) and trucks for the young gun

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Mmn.... never been much interested in anything overly techhnical....

I'd like to see three from any of the following:

BB King

Chuck Berry

Keith Richards

Steve Jones / Mick Jones / Daniel Ray

Darryl Higham

Johnny Ramone would have been right at the top of my list had he still been alive (rest in piece, you nasty old fascist!). Daniel Ray would be well worth seeing, though - IMO he added a lot to what made the Ramone's very different studio sound interesting, and deserves a lot more credit than he gets as a player. The surf guitar on Sheena is a punk rocker was his idea as well as his playing, and it is genius.

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