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HNGD PRS SE Tremonti


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Not really a fan of Tremonti...


But this guitar jumped out at me when I saw it at my local GC...


Then, I saw the price tag.




Oh it is SO mine.


Plays and sounds great. At that price I could affordably change the pups, but I like them so far.




Of course. :D












They had just unpacked it... and tagged it. Don't know why that price, but I didn't ask questions.


It's very light weight, and the neck is as nice as my American PRS.


I really dig the multi-color fretboard! :wave:





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Thanks for all the nice comments...

I just keep shaking my head about this guitar at this price...

I have to assume they're "stigmatized" because of the name... and of course, it's been quite some time since Mark was "popular".

I briefly thought about taking his name off of the guitar, but the cost and effort involved, plus the risk of mucking it up make me rule that out.

I finally got a chance last night to open it up at rehearsal, and this guitar really sings. I think I'm going to give the pups a real chance to stay... I do have a set of gold McCarty's somewhere that I bought many years ago for another guitar... I may consider at some point, throwing those in along with a split pot... but for now, this guitar has earned a place in the lineup!

I don't have an accurate scale, but my guess is that it weighs less than 7lbs, and yet even though it's light and thinner than my US made one, it has no problem rockin out... sustain and tone is all there.

The pups are a bit more aggressive than in my SC 245, but that guitar is designed to have a very vintage sound... this is a little more rock than blues.

I adjusted the neck pup down a little, and it smoothed out quite a bit... I can't find any reason not to keep it!



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What pickups are in those?

Not sure... on the PRS site they are simply listed as:

Treble Pickup PRS Designed Treble Humbucker
Bass Pickup PRS Designed Bass Humbucker

As I said in an earlier post, my first inclination is that they're fine... a little brighter than in either my SC 245 or my McCarty. But again, both of those guitars are known for a very "vintage" style tone and pups.

The Tremonti's pups are brighter and hotter, great for overdriven rock tones, and the neck smoothed out a bit by lowering the pup a little.

I found I could use the neck for clean tones with no problems, while I probably will reserve the bridge for more distorto stuff! :D

I DO very much like the dual volume and tone controls, like on an LP. Most of the other SE line has a single volume and tone, and I think you can dial in more variety with independent controls.


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