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Rehearsal with Wilko ...


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This coming Tuesday (Feb 2), I'm guesting on harmonica with Wilko Johnson (ex-Dr Feelgood, Ian Dury & The Blockheads) on a gig at Koko's (the old Music Machine), in Mornington Crescent, North London. Just got back from rehearsal with Wilk, bassist Norman Watt-Roy (also ex-Blockheads, played and created the bassline on The Clash's Magnificent Seven, and his bass was sampled for the hooklines of the first couple of Frankie Goes To Hollywood hits -- a frakkin MONSTER bassist!), drummer Dylan Howe (son of Steve) and guest singer Alison Moyet (ex- Yazoo).


Frankly -- I played like a pig, mainly due to being radically out of shape on harp because (a) until recently I hadn't been in a band for 15 years and (b) the band I'm in now has a PROPER harp player so I don't need to play it any more. I got away with it because (a) I knew the songs before I walked in and managed to pick up the arrangements on the fly and (b) I could remember enough of the basics of harp to make vaguely appropriate noises. Considering that, a very long time ago, I used to be Almost Quite Good on harp, it was a trifle mortifying.


FARK ME -- do I have some practicing to do before Tuesday!


If I report in on Wednesday, the gig probably went well. If I never mention it again -- or, worse still, deny all knowledge of it -- it probably didn't ...


Wilk, incidentally, still plays GREAT. He's currently playing the black Strat with red 'guard that he used in The Blockheads, rather than his iconic Feelgoods Tele, through a 40w tweed Cornell amp with only three knobs: volume, bass and treble ...

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