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dangdangdang! Pup panic.


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All I want is in my 2 humbucker guitar is a Seymour Jazz neck tone (clear A5, crisp, clean lows etc), a ceramic hot and fat tone in the bridge (PRS HFS style with lots of warm and fat output with lots of overtones) and a really GREAT 'inbetween' split tone. Gotta have output too. 11 to 13 would be o.k.


I've tried:

Fralin High Ouptut A5's - too bright. Virtually cuts gain in half.

Fralin High Output A2's - nice, but poor split

Skatterbrane's Earthbrane A2's - AMAZING split tone, but 'bucker wise the mids were not focused; too wide a eq throw...

Seymour Jazz in neck and Pearly Gates in bridge - Nice 'buck tones, but poor split tone.

WCR Shredders - Nice 'buck tone but poor Split tone.

Paf Fred neck and Evo II in bridge- Checked in a similar guitar and it was too grainy and bright in the bridge, but the split was cool.


Help me HC geeks...help me before I buy something that doesn't work again. Do it for me. Do it for you. Do it for all of us. For God's sake...just help.

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I don't know, but it MIGHT be time to get some custom-wounds .... Try BG pups, Bryan is easy to work with and will work with YOUR needs. All for prices roughly equal to Duncan/DiMarzio ....




I completely 2nd this motion. Bryan sent me his Hellarail prototype.

This pickup smokes in the gain and harmonic content dept. It is

roughly 17.5k, but roll the volume down or split the pickup and it

sounds so fine clean... Simply put, Bryan makes a KILLER pickup!



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