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Post your "road worn" guitars real and fake.


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I don't have any fakes and I'm not that proud of being careless on occasion. Here's my ancient, beat to hell Rat.




My grandfather bought this L3 after WWI and it came into my hands when I started in 53. My brother took it over when I gravitated towards electrics in the late 50s. He trashed the piss out of it and now I have it back. I'd love to make it playable again but now that we're both retired, the cash just isn't there.



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Being assembled right now, so I don't have the finished produc in hand. But here's a pic of the parts together to give an idea.


I'm a Gibson player who's never been at home with Fenders, so I actually ordered a Warmoth neck with Gibson specs hoping to bond better with it; , etc. The flash makes it look a little brighter than it actually is. It's oly white nitro, so it has a very slight hint of blueish-green hue to it.


Warmoth Neck

24" 3/4 scale

12" radius

59 round back

6130 fretwire

22 frets

Gotoh vintage locking tuners

Satin vintage tint


Blackpoole Relic body

Swamp Ash

Aged hardware

Compensated brass saddles (not shown)


Duncan Quarter Poun Tele bridge pup

Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAF (aged) neck pup







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Showing off your goldbursts I see



I know,I'm terrible. But with all my posts,I think I might have met the original owner of my guitar,he posted a photo from the 80's of a Goldburst Custom that he bought when it was new and said it might be the same guitar because of the missing finish on the neck and a couple of dings that looked very familar to him. I said "What are the chances?" but if what George Gruhn said about Gibson only making 50 of them and most of those being returned to the factory because of finish problems,then I guess the chances are pretty good that it is the same guitar.



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Vespertine, that straty white guitar with a single neck humbucker:tell me everything about this guitar. EVERYTHING!





I don't remember much because it's been a while, but basically it was a partscaster I had. The body was from a Bronco style guitar that I bought, and then ended fitting a strat neck that I had from another project. It had a tom bridge and a single humbucker. The reason I had it on the neck as opposed as most single pup guitars is, because I usually find myself using that position more than any other so I decided to move it. It had a very distinc sound to it, but it sounded awesome. very organic sounding, perfect for experimental and garage rock.. or punk even. :cool:

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