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Lower end LTD quality


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Thinking of getting a LTD F-100FM just for fun. What's the quality like on one of these? I find the shape rather interesting and I'm wondering if it'd be worth it if I could find one for cheap. Not looking for top of the line stuff but I don't want a piece of crap that I'll want to get rid of after 15 mins either...heh




# Bolt-On Construction

# 25.5" Scale

# Basswood Body

# Flamed Maple Top

# Maple Neck

# Rosewood Fingerboard

# 42mm Standard Nut

# Thin U Neck Contour

# 24 XJ Frets

# Black Nickel Hardware

# ESP Tuners

# TOM Bridge

# ESP LH-150 (B & N) p.u.

# Finish: STBLK

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I think I've had four or five lower end LTDs. An EC-200, EC-300, Viper 100, the Floyded Strat 250... All from Korea, all very, very decent guitars if a bit generic feeling. None of them had any issues though.

I've only played one current production lower end LTD and it was OK, but it felt like a pretty decent step down from my 300 or EC1000.

I'm very interested to check out the new lower end strats though. Esp, the black one with the Floyd. I see that guitar in my future.


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What was the problem?



Color - looked a lot darker (almost black) than the stock picture (purple)

Binding - I could see it flapping around within 5 years.

Didn't stay in tune - If the thing sat over night, it wouldn't be intonated after retuning it.


For the price that was attached to it, I wasn't going to keep throwing money at a brand new guitar.

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