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Gibson FX Guitar - WTF


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Here is the newest wacky Gibson that I have come across.


The prototype is currently out on tour with Tony Fredianelli from Third Eye Blind. I'm sure the production model will feature phantom power over cat5 and robotic tuners or something. Maybe an Ace Frehley smoke machine or rocket launcher.


It has Built In Lasers, Rotating Mirrors, Neck Camera, Stabilizing Bar Custom Pickguard, Custom Mirrored Tailpiece, Custom F Hole, Prismatic Laser, LEDs in the headstock, Reshaped Heel, Smoked Plastic Cover & Stabilizing Bar.









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There is probably a midi system. The old Roland MIDI guitars had that and it worked really well. It helped with tracking IIRC.


I would also guess that the production model will have less routed out and a neat electronics package more like a Line 6 Variax. This is a prototype.


List price? I'm guessing $30,000.00 - GuitarManDP better start saving:)

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