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NGD! Sweet Fender Ultra Content!


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I actually got this on New Years Eve but held off posting about it because I was waiting for HC2.0 but since that is postponed I have finally gotten around to it.


I saw this hanging in a local store and fell in love with the blue flame top. I had never seen a blue flame top Fender before. After plugging it in I knew I had to have it. I have been thrilled with it since. It has a load of features. The Lace Sensors give it a bit of a darker tone (which I like anyway) but the TBX tone control lets you get that strat sparkle. I am more of a LP and SG guy but this has become my favorite. It also came with a hot tweed case with fuzzy orange inside.



  • Top and Back: Flame top with blue burst

  • Body: Alder

  • Nut: LSR Roller Nut

  • Tuners: Shaller Locking Tuners

  • Fender Strap Locks

  • Tweed Case

  • Fingerboard: Ebony with real abalone inlays

  • Neck Pickup: Lace Sensor Blue (slightly increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking sound in a single coil configuration)

  • Middle Pickup: Lace Sensor Gold (classic 50's Style single coil sound with a classy bell like tone)

  • Bridge Pickup: Lace Sensor Dual Red (hottest output of the Sensor Series, and gives a fat, punchy humbucking output)

  • Bridge: Floyd Rose Type II

  • Master Volume knob

  • Tone (Neck) knob

  • Tone/TBX knob(middle and bridge, treble/bass expander=The TBX tone control is a dual function stacked potentiometer control. From 1 to 5 (at the center detent), the TBX responds like a normal tone control routing the signal through a 250k pot with filtration through a .022mf capacitor. From 6 (at the detent) to 10, the TBX decreases the amount of tone filtering by routing the signal directly through a 1 meg pot. This feature allows more of the natural presence of the pickup sound to come through, and adds both treble and bass response to the sound of the guitar.

  • Coil Split Switch: Splits the bridge humbucker (neck side only, full humbucker, bridge side only)

  • 5-Way Blade Switch:

  • Pos. 1: Neck Pickup

  • Pos. 2: Neck and Middle Pickups

  • Pos. 3: Neck and Bridge Pickups

  • Pos. 4: Bridge and Middle Pickups

  • Pos. 5: Bridge Pickup

  • Made in Corona, California, USA 1996 - 1997






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That's an awesome strat.


I have an ebony fretboard on my American Deluxe QMT strat, and it's my favorite guitar, let alone strat. That model has tons to like, and very little not to!


Some people aren't fans of the lace sensors, but imho, there's a reason they were Fender's "top of the line" for all those years. With the circuitry included, this was really their "superstrat" of the time.


HNGD! It's great when something so beautiful and also be so musical!



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