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There is a valuable lesson, however, to be learned here, as much as anyone might hate poison... you have to hand it to the other three for their professionalism. I would have beat his ass right there and walked off.



Ha ha...I remember this, they were going to play "I Want Action".


Even coked up, CC made the right call. :thu:


Ahhh...the 80's Wall of Crate sound.

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The video from the MTV show confirms mym memory that CC was playing SolidState Crate amps for a bit. I don't know what he used to record look what the cat dragged in but it was thin and nasally sounding. Like most Crates of the day.


I'd say that a JCM 800 model is a decent starting place. That is what Crate was gunning for with the voicing for their solid state stuff. Ask Yngwie!

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