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so what seymour duncan PU is in the range of the 57 classic?


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Other than the lack of potting, I'd say the Seth Lover or the Antiquity is the most similar. The Jazz and the Alnico II would be in the same ballpark. The 59... has never really blown my hair back, but I guess it would be in the same ballpark or at least in the same league, but no way in hell would I replace my Gibson 57s with Duncan 59s.

I don't know the actual numbers, but the Alnico II and the Pearly Gates are a little hotter than the Jazz and the 59, but I prefer the sound of the Alnico and the Jazz over the 59 and the Pearly Gates in the neck positions.

I'm always putting this video (done by our own Docjeffery) but it definitely is worth a look. In it, he compares the Burstbucker Pro, the 57 Classic, the Seth Lovers and the Pearly Gates. They are in different guitars, but you can still get a good feel the vibe of each pickup.


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