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Someone help me! About to impulse buy!


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Well I have some money saved up and I was going to buy a bassman 4x12 cab for my amp but since it is sold I have been looking around on rondomusic.com.


I am looking at the SX guitars, I have a bass and I think it sounds superb. I was wondering if their 100 dollar range, or around that area, is worth buying?


I am interested in their telecasters and other guitars. Mainly something with p90s.


They have some nice looking telecasters with a p90 in the neck which I love the look of.


They also have this kind of thing



Which I am also interested in.


Though I am more into the telecasters.


Take into consideration I already have 7 guitars: 3 electric, 2 acoustic, 2 bass


And I just recently bought an acoustic and a bass. Is it worth it to buy one of these? Now or in the future? My current guitars aren't of low quality either really.


So will this stand up to them?


The one I am looking at specifically is this one:


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