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HNGD!!! For my daughter!..............


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UPS truck dropped it off this afternoon, she's going to :love: it :thu:

Hannah Montana 3/4 tele. (sorry for the poor quality of the pics)

P_00454.jpg' alt='>'>

P_00455.jpg' alt='>'>


It needed a setup BAD, but hey, it's still a pretty cool guitar, and it was less than $50!! I ordered this for her after seeing that thread where a forumite mentioned they were on sale.


I'm going to take this opportunity to post a few pics of recent gear aqusitions:


BBE Sonic Stomp (AWESOME!!) If you haven't tried one of these, you really need to!

P_00459.jpg' alt='>'>


ISP Decimator (Won't solve Every problem, but definitely worth the money!)

P_00458.jpg' alt='>'>


Marshall MG10KK (Little bugger is Loud, and has Killer distortion!)

P_00456.jpg' alt='>'>

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Happy New Guitar Day for your Daughter. I got my daughter one of those too.



My son has a mini strat. We just had our third child this week, so I've got to find him a guitar. Maybe an Ibanez Micro.

Awesome man! :thu: Congrats on the new youngin man! Yeah, going to have to get him one. I can't wait on the release of that Spongebob strat, my youngest boy would :love: one :thu:

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