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Lol. This guy I know who plays guitar hits me up on Facebook the other day. Check out this A+ conversation.



Hey man wats up, i was wondering if you had a guitar you would sell. Just a six string though. Somebody told me you had a 7, i dont need nothing like that

I actually have a 1991 Ibanez RG550 I'm about to sell for $450. But I'll sell it to you instead if you want it.

Most of the guitars I sell are pretty expensive. If you want one that's cheaper I could probably find you something though.

yeah man i need something with a good crunch in distortion as cheap as i can get one

Yeah. You can get just about any kind of guitar for under $200 now. You get what you pay for in quality.

What kind of stuff do you want in a guitar? Lightweight? Gibson or Fender looking? What kind of music do you want to play?

There's so much to choose from even in the cheap end of things.

gibsn looking is wat i would prefer but really i just want a good crunch. I got a B.C. Rich Warlock, BxM SERIES. iTS LIKE A STEP UP FROM Bronze series. It sounds good but it aint heavy enough for me

Alright, well there's a lot of factors that you might wanna consider.

First of all, what amp are you using? Most guitarists don't realize this, but the amp actually has a lot more to do with the way the guitar sounds than the guitar does. You can play a really bad guitar through a good amp and it will sound good. But if you play a really good guitar through a bad amp it will still sound bad. I know that sounds a little backwards, but it's the god's honest truth.

There's a good chance it's your amp, because the Warlock is already a pretty heavy sounding guitar. The pickups are really high output. If you really don't like how it sounds, it would be cheaper to just change the pickups than buying a new guitar. That guitar would probably sound a lot better with new pickups.

If you just want a new guitar, and you want something Gibson looking, then you have tons of options. Really depends on how much you wanna spend.

well hey thats cool but look do you know where i can get sopme emg or dirty fingers??? i just want that brutal crucnh




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