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Which guitar would you REISSUE?


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In this era of reissue after reissue of popular models of the past, there are bound to be some great designs overlooked. I have a particular love for Guild designs, and consider my '77 S-300D to be the finest dual humbucker solid-body electric I have ever gotten my hands on, both in terms of playability and tonal quality. My Nightbird and S-100 are also outstanding. They kick LP and SG arse, in every sense. Fender is sitting on some world-class Guild designs, in particular the following, which I would love to see reissued:


- Nightbird

- X-500

- S-100

- S-300

- Starfire III

- Starfire IV


Which guitars of the past would you like to see again?

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I'd like a radically-improved Fender Starcaster -- ie an offset, bolt-on-neck semi w/master volume, only built to the standards of Modern Fender rather than late-70s BBS Fender -- with a rosewood 'board option.


And I wish Ibanez would bring back the AS50 -- a downsized 335-alike predating the 339, 336 etc by decades, and more elegant than anything they've done in that style since. Super 58 PUs and red/'burst finish options.

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The ORIGINAL Fender Starcaster








Fender telecaster plus (firestorm finish :love: )

gibson LP DC standard plus (or lite)

gretsch duo jet (pre fender style - big headstock, filtertron pickups, etc)

gibson sg junior

fender stratosonic

ovation ultra GP (a PROPER reissue)

the entire emex proaxe series (emex is long gone so this probably doesn't count...but i reckon someone could do it)

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