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Which online retailer is the best?


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I've used musiciansfriend, music 123 and recently ZZsounds. All in all all three were pretty good. Some standout things about ZZsounds though, they offer a 4 payment split without needing to sign up or get any kind of special card as long as you qualify for a _very_ basic credit check. My credit isnt bad at all, but I just started building so if I qualified for it I imagine just about anyone could. They just charge you in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and the first charge also has shipping on it, it's pretty nice. Also, when I received my Schecter it came boxed in the Schecter box, with that inside another large box with padding between and that box inside ANOTHER large box with more padding. So all in all it was triple boxed which I've never received a Guitar that way. Not sure if they always do it like this or not...maybe some others can chime in on that one.

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