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The guitar that kept finding its way home.


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True story...

Many years ago, I had an Ibanez Roadster.. circa 1978 or so.. This was before the Roadstar series.

3 pickup, kind of strat like. Played and sounded great.

NOT real "quacky", but good on its own merits.


It was played 6 nights a week for years. At the time -[78-79-80-81]-I was in the NJ club circuit, in one of the best known, most popular bands, playing in front of thousands of people each week.


One night my guitar was missing, it was not in the gear truck. I forgot what happened, but I got through the night without it, and had NO idea where it was..


It was lost a week or so I guess, and I blamed the roadies, because they were responsible for all our gear including personal guitars.

We kept them in our band truck.. BIG truck!..


One day, I called the Paramus NJ police, as thats where it disapperead from.

I explained what happened, told them it might have been left at the club, stolen ,whatever, not ever thinking, I would see it again.. Lo and behold, they asked for a description, and I gave it to them.. They told me to come pick it up!!!.. It had been left outside the club on the ground by the brain dead road crew, a passing police car was the first to spot it lying there, and they took it in to the station!:thu: Got my axe back...


Fast forward 10 years, and I still have this guitar.. 1989 or so.

Well used, but still playing and sounding great...


One day, I can't find it.

NO idea where it is.

At that time I lived 90 miles south of Bergen County in Forked River NJ.

Last time I saw it was band practice several nights before.

No one in the band has seen it, [not the same band as the first one], ...

So again, I call the local police dept, in Toms River NJ..

again, I get asked for a description, and again I am told to come get it!.


This time, I left it in the middle of the sidewalk, in Toms River in front of my bandmates house after practice one night, and the first person to see it was a cop in a patrol car, and again the honest cop brought it into the station, and I was lucky enough to get my guitar back, despite my stupidity...

Big ass luck... Usually when you leave guitars lying on the ground in the middle of the night, you don't see them again.. anyway, just thought someone might enjoy that story of dumb ass luck. bob

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Some guitars are like dogs. They decide who their person is and that's that. Keep this one. When the frets wear out, get it redone. Look at Willie Nelson's guitar. Make your Roadster look that bad and keep playing it.



Its long gone.. I offed it around 1993.. I wore the neck off of it, replaced the neck and "traded up".. It was a good guitar, but I moved on. It was really like a trusted friend, and I probably should have kept it for that reason, but I am a disloyal backstabber:) bob

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