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Today's NGD is taking forever to arrive


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A couple weeks back I saw an ad on Craigslist for a gently used white Xaviere XV-650 (the original series with direct-mount pickups). I've been wanting one, and so I pulled the trigger to make a deal for the XV-650 and a little Hiwatt practice amp in exchange for my Yamaha RGX320FZ with Dream 180s. Then...the snow started falling. The guy with the Xaviere lives in Calvert County, MD and works in Clinton, MD (both southeast of DC) while I live in Fairfax County, VA (southwest of DC) and work in Bethesda, MD (northwest of DC), so the only way we were going to meet during the week was if he came into the District by car and met me either at Union Station or somewhere near a Metro stop.


Today we were supposed to meet at 8 AM at the Starbucks in the Department of Transportation building by the Navy Yard Metro station, but he got stuck in traffic and called me to let me know that he was waving off until 3 PM. Meanwhile, I have my Yamaha sitting behind me in my office.


I want my XV-650! :cry:

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