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NHMPD New home made pedal day...wayyy late


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So I built this as my project in my digital electronics course last semester and got a 100 on it. The only things that cost me any money at all were the switch, the dc jack, and the pcb. everything else was free of charge and in stock in the lab (input jacks, led, resistors, caps, diodes, etc.) I took a schematic of a 70s mxr envelope filter off of guitar gadgets or something like that. We copied the schematic into a program and linked it to a pcb drawing program. When you would click on one "hole" it would light up the other "holes" that needed tracks going to them. Anyways, we drew up all the tracks in the board, and then you send it to the company online and they send you the boards just like you drew them. my partner was good with metal and had some spare aluminum diamond plate, so we made some boxes and drilled and riveted them up. i know the wiring is a little sloppy but i was just so excited to start playing it and never bothered fixing it up. let me know if you guys want clips too.




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