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Bolting Together My Old Fender Project


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I got all the parts for this really cheap and had some of them.


I have about 4 minutes into the project and it is coming close to an end.


I spent more time uploading the photos, but I'll post more as time progresses.


Neck - 1973 Fender Stratocaster original finish


Body - 1973 Fender Stratocaster original natural finish


Neck Plate/Serial - 1973 Fender Stratocaster (4xxxxx)


Bridge - One piece cast Fender. Not sure of the year. They used the same type for a few years. The trem is all one piece. There are no bolts under the saddles to remove the block from the plate.


Tuners - Original Fender F Tuners. Not sure of the year, as they used these for a while. They are not the reissue ones.


I would advise anyone looking for an older Fender to put one together, as it's much cheaper.


This body is a great weight. Nice and light, not like those 1974 -> heavy bodies.

















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That route is
but it will look really nice once it's all buttoned up.

I agree. You won't see it with a p/g on but I'd be tempted to clean it up a bit. But I'm starting to get anal about this stuff as I get older. You've discovered as have many that the Strat is the Chevy 350 of the guitar world.

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