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Air norton S neck or middle??


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Hi all.

I have a jackson guitar with a HSS pickup setup with two Seymour Duncan single coils and one Seymour Duncan humbucker. I thought a long time about replacing one of the single coil pickups with a single coil sized Humbucker.

The reason for this being, I don't really have any versatility from this guitar when it comes to high gain sounds. I really only use the neck single coil pickup for cleans and the bridge Humbucker for everything else.

So after a long time of reading reviews and searching the web, last week i bought myself a Dimarzio Air Norton S for replacing one of these single coil pickups. :thu:


I was pretty sure that the best way to install it would be to put it in the middle position, since that is the only single coil I don't really currently use, and that would give me the best Midrange response for soloing and give that warm, fat, ballad solo tone with the Air Norton. :cool:


Studying the wiring diagrams I have found that the best way of installing this pickup would be to replace the neck single coil, however, that is the one I want to save for cleans.

If I do install it in the neck, I get a HSH configuration which serves me well as I can do the inside coils Strat like 2 and 4 position-trick and get more tonal possibilities. But at what cost?


What will the tone be like from having this Pickup in the neck? Will I miss out on harmonic response? Will my tone get schreechy and trebly?

And If I do put it in the middle position, what tonal possibilities do I have there when it comes to wiring and combining it with the other pickups?

I need a bit of advice on this, since I am now at a standstill. Please bear in mind that I don't want to buy anything more, I want to work with what i have, so no push pull pots or multipole 5-way switches.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Rock on :thu:

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