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Hello all,


I finally finished my Partscaster. It was a labor of love that's for sure. :lol:


I was tired of trying to find the right guitar so I decided to go this route for now. She's basically the best of 2 Strats I had + some aftermarket parts. The neck is from a '57 Reissue Stratocaster with some old Grover mini-rotomatic tuners I had lying around. It's the most comfortable neck I've played in a while, the slight lacquer finish is nice too. The body is from a 90s American Stratocaster which is finished in nitro lacquer and has faded to a nice cream. The pickguard is black diamond plate and the pickup is an old Dimarzio with an Alnico IV replacing the Alnico V. This guitar plays and sounds like a dream. :love:


Here's the money shot.






And finally the axe in action. Just click the box thing. Keep in mind this is my practice rig, I'll try to repost a vid with my Vox cranked up possibly.



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