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NGD: 21st Guitar on my 21st Birthday


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So, today was my big 2-1. Been a lot of fun and got a a good bit of stuff. Gonna head out to dinner with friends later. But I doubt any of you care about that. Last night I went out at midnight and purchased one of these.





When I got home I sat in my room and drank it. About a half hour later I looked over in my guitar rack and saw a stranger. Turns out my girlfriend bought me a Schecter 006 Elite for my 21st B-day (funny enough it's my 21st guitar as well). I saw this on Craigslist a few weeks ago and almost died because I've wanted one for so long as it was such a good price. I was super sad because it was gone the day after I saw it, but I found out it's because she went and bought it right after I saw it. Anyone, enough chit chat, here are a couple pics my girlfriend took of it and me with it.



Full Frontal





Body Shot





A Happy Me With It





Widdly Waaaah





Chug Chug





I see what you did there!






So yeah, I'm pretty happy. I just strung it up with some DRs 10-52, put it in Drop C, then rocked out for a while. It sounds and feels great. I've always loved the 00 body shape and am super happy to have one. Now to head off to Red Robin for a Burnin Love Burger and a Sam Adams.

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how do you like the agile 8 string?

for someone whose never played anything more than 6 strings...would you recommend just jumping up to an 8 or a 7?

I figured if you jump to 8 going to 7 would be easier?



I really like the 8. I'd honestly recommend doing whichever you'd like most. I mean, it would make the transitions much easier going from 6 to 7 and then 7 to 8, but it's not like a switch from 6 to 8 would be impossible. It might take a bit more time and feel a bit more awkward at first, but if you keep at it you'll get it. Also, the 8 will be able to do anything the 7 can, so no worries there.

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Thanks everyone! It was a great birthday.


Nice guitar... HNGD!

21 is a momentous b-day... enjoy your newfound priviledges safely!

Of course... in regard to both the 21 guitars... AND the GF...

Pics or it didn't happen!





Well, I only have 5 guitars now, and pics of each can be found in my sig, but here's a cheesy Facebook pic of the two of us. I tried to hide as to not ruin the pic.



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