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NGD - Brand New Fender American Standard Stratocaster


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I didn't check the serial # yet, it is either a 2009 or 2010.


It is a Triple Sunburst with the Single coils and a Maple neck.

The Triple Sunburst is not my 1st choice of colors, I prefer Black or White, but this one played & sounded better than all of the others, so I took it home.


The good thing is, it was mismarked in price.

At this GC all of the regular ones were $979, the Sienna Burst was $1149, and the other Triple Burst was $1049, but somebody mistagged this at $979.


They were cool and price matched my online price for a Black one of $780, so after 6% tax I was out the door for $826:thu:


I'll gladly pay a bit more to know first hand the guitar is a good one.


As comparisons go to my New Custom Shop Custom Classic Strat....


The Custom Classic Strat has much more sparkly cleans, the Am Std sounds darker and duller in comparison.


However, the Am Std seems to be a Harder Rocker on the gain settings, it pulls off pinch harmonics and squeals alot better than the Custom Classic.


The Am Std Tele I have also sounds much more sparkly clean than the Am Std Strat.


Playability, the V neck on the Custom Classic is more comfortable than the C neck on the Strat, but both are really nice. The frets feel nicer on the Custom Classic also.


The Am Std Tele neck feels a little better than the Am Std Strat, but it could be that I am not as used to the Strat yet.




This Triple Sunburst has some really nice figuring and the Maple Neck has lots of cool figuring in it.

In comparison the Tele neck is plain, but who really cares about cosmetics comapred to playability and tone?


When I bought the Am Std it was to possibly replace the Custom Shop Strat, at the store I was convinced of that, but at home the Custom Shop showed its attributes.


I think with a slight set-up tweak, the Custom Shop will pull off the hard rock pinched and sqeals just as well.


I know alot of you have commented in my other Thread that it is my technique, not the guitar, but as I have stated, I pull these things off on everything, the Custom Classic just does not project them as well as any of my other guitars, this just proves it.


Pics in next post....

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That's a beauty! My favorite finish. So, what is going to be next to find it's place on your wall?


I think this is it for now.

Maybe an Acoustic as I don't have one.


To be perfectly honest I am trying to cut down to 7.

I was going to buy this one to replace my Custom Classic Strat and pocket the $1000 difference, but they both do different things well.


The Custom Classic does clean tones 10x better than this one, but this one does Hard Rock gain a little better than the CC.


I have thought about selling my Les Paul Custom as I am not in love with the thick 50s style neck on it, but it just screams.


So for now it looks like I'll have 8.


My next purchase will definitely be....


another Hercules Wall hanger.:lol:

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nice hngd. and to everyone, its easier to get that kinda price match when you are spending almost a grand. i had gc come down a lot on my gibson, but its impossible to get them to budge on something less than like 400 bucks, especially used stuff. back to topic..

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Where are you finding American strats for $780?



I bought an 08 American Standard Strat used in mint condition for $680


I'm more of a custom shop guy, but my friend is installing a Variax in it so I opted to get an American Standard strat as I didn't want to waste a custom shop guitar.

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