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please help me choose strings for my old es 175d gibson!!!


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ive got this old gibson, that up until recently i havent played much in a long time. its a late 50's es 175d, some of you might have seen it in my other thread here from a few weeks back.







im not very good, never had a lesson, but i used to play it a lot. my brother taught me a lot, and i picked up quite a bit from friends along the way.


best i can remember ive always used ernie ball super slinkys.


i normally play kinda boogie woogie stuff, with some metal stuff, with lots of distortion. i really like a heavier sound, but i dont know what strings to get. i mean absolutely NO IDEA!!!!!


help me out musical buddies!!!!


(i would like to stay with some kinda ernie ball's, but am open to suggestions

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