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Nuther Amp!! Egnater Rebel-20 head!


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I was in GC a couple days ago with a Cybertwin and a Vypyr-30 with sanpera-II pedal to trade. ( I actually like both amps but I'm in a re-arrange mode with my toys and I did keep my Vox VT-30 to have a grab-n-go fairly loud modeller) I was there to get the Bugera V-55 head + matching the 2x12 cab as I have the V-22 combo and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The GC guy made me a fair offer for my stuff so I looked around a bit as I had some time to kill. I saw the Blackstar HT-5 full stack and thought about that, grabbed an SG faded ( A guitar I happen to own and really enjoy playing) and plugged into it. It was real nice and kind of easy on the eyes too. Sounded Very good but I already have the HT-dual pedal so in a way I have the Preamp version of that.

Next to that was the Rebel-20 head perched on top of a Peavey Valveking 4x12. Tried that. Oh yeah baby!!!! Bought that instead of the Bugera. Can't wait to try that on top of my Marshall 4x12!! It just slayed the Blackstar that way!! I may use this with my RP1000 in 4 cable mode, get the Bugera 2x12 cab (closed back for this lil' unit) and have a killer little setup with plenty of volume, gain and TONE TONE TONE!! It already comes with JJ tubes in it so there's no swapping and it has a wattage dial going from 1 to 20 and everywhere in between. What's not to love?

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