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My name is Sean, and I'm an idiot - embarrassing admissions about guitars

Ratae Corieltauvorum

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Around 5 years back when I decided to pick up a guitar again after 20 odd years, I was looking at basses ( used to play bass you see) and then thought ah hell, you always wanted to play a six string so why not?


'Round about that time the Stones had released A Bigger Bang, and the track Rain Fall Down was giving me big shivers, so I bit the bullet and built the guitar I'd detested for so long, a 52 style Tele.


All's cool, it was my first 'Caster build and then one day I You Tubed the song.



Oh dear.....Keef does the main riff with a 355/335:lol::lol::lol:




Je suis un dickhead, as Bill Wyman would say


Please share:)

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These things always make me laugh. We all talk about tone and using this type guitar for certain kinds of music, and its all based on assumptions we've made since we see people with certain gear. It's like most people assuming Eric Johnson recorded Cliffs of Dover with a strat when he really used a 335.


I was talking to a freind about this a little while ago. He plays in the honky-tonks in downtown nashville - mostly country covers. His band is made up of musicians who play with a number of folks, so he has on-call people who fill in when someone is on the road. Of his three different guitar players, one exclusively plays teles, one brings a different guitar to almost every gig, and one plays a semi-hollow.


EDIT: Dammit, why'd I have to write a manifesto? ^^^^^ Pete beat me to it.

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