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Post gig report with pictures!


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I had a show in downtown seattle at a venue called Studio 7. Very cool places. Have played lots of shows there. It's pretty difficult to get pictures and audio in there though because of the lighting. But my father tried his best. Also, keep posted for a HNAD. I just put money down on a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50 head. I am soo stoked.


But anyways, we played 6 songs and 4 of them were original. the two covers were Soundgarden's "Hands All Over" and Alice in Chain's "Aint like that". All in all, the show went pretty well except for a few bumps in the road. Will be playing there again in about a month. Would love to see some of you seattle guys come out and hang out before/after the show.


Now the moment you have all been waiting for!












I was using the G&L Rampage alot as you can see ;)

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Nice. No crowd shots?

Do you not get too hot on stage in a hat and flannel?



Nah, I guess my dad just wanted to get band pix. But it is actually cold in Studio 7. There are 2 doors on the stage left side of the venue that are always open.


But yeah, I did take off my hat later in the show..


Thanks for looking, guys!

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