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Who was building that guitar based on the Rick bass?

Steve the Hero

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I DO remember a thread in which someone posted a beautiful drawing of a design they were wanting to build in a thread a month or two back.


The guitar was surf green, had a maple neck and I think the maple was neck through and carried all the way through the body, and it had a white picguard on it. The thread wasnt about this guitar, it was just a thread someone posted this design in, and I am pretty sure I also remember John Backlund posting in the same thread, but his design was not the one we were talking about.


The guitar posted was not a ric copy, ormaybe not even based on a ric, but it did end up very ric like in design whether it was intentional or not.


Not sure if this helps or if it was even the guitar you are looking for, but I would like to see this guitar again too anyway. It was a great design.

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