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Know where I can get a Tradition?


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I used to have a sparkle silver Tradition les paul

It was my first guitar and I sold it to buy a guitar that I never use

It had block inlays and cream trim (binding, pickguard, etc.)

i think it was an S-10

now the ones they make have more pointy cutaways than the old ones and weird inlays



I'm really wanting one as close to my old one as possible the color isn't as important but the not as pointy cutaway and block inlays are important



I'm interested in that one but blue is my least favorite color for a guitar

does anyone know where i can get one of these, i know it's a longshot

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They come up on ebay occassionally. There is a Californis (I think) dealer selling a few on ebay, but he's trying to get list price for them. They list these guys in Alabama:

Tom Shepard's Discount Music
2717 Clinton Avenue West
Huntsville, Alabama

West Mobile Music
865 Hillcrest Road
Mobile, Alabama

On line try Adirondak Guitars http://adirondackguitar.com/

I've owned 7 or 8 Traditions, I still own 2. They are very good for the money.

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