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Crosstown Lightnin' gig pics...


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Hey People!


Heres some shots from my debut with CL last Friday.


A night of Rockin' Blues was delivered, and a good time was had by all!


Not sure if anything got recorded or videoed, but I've got these:


















With Gary Lammin, ex Cock Sparrer, and current Bermondsey Joyrider:





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It's a 1983 Ibanez DT-150 with a single V2 (Super Distortion style) bucker, originally bright red but already stripped to its current 'IKEA' finish when I bought it a long time ago for

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Ello mates, we are here to kick out some blues. If that isn't alright with you we'll kick out your teeth! Like it!



Hey! We're British and TEDDIBLY TEDDIBLY polite ...


The band member most likely to thump someone at a gig is JoJo, our five-foot-tall drummer.


Mind you, she's an Italian from Noo Joisey ...


(Come to think of it, Buffalo Bill is Scottish ...)

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you are a scary bunch of mothers aren't you!



I was going to say something to that very effect. And to include the drummer and guest guitarist.


Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Plus, it appears that Marc's ear is on fire.


Nice pics gents.


PS-- I post my gig pics in GJ rather than Electrics, and just had a gig this last weekend too. For any of you HCEG-only lads that might've missed 'em:



PPS-- am a fan of Cocksparrer, not too many this side of the pond have heard of them

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