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My Brand New '09 American Std Tele!


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I truly made out like a bandit! Walked into the Guitar Center and didn't find what I was looking for at first. I wanted an American Std 3-Tone Sunburst with maple neck. They only had rosewood. One dude told me they happened to be out of stock but they could order one. I said, nah, I only buy guitars in person.


So I was messing around and another salesman came up to me. I told him I was thinking about going to the nearby GC about 30 mins north. He said, wait, let me check...maybe the other guy didn't type in the right model.


This salesman comes out with what I immediately recognized as a 2-Tone Sunburst (which happens to have ash body instead of alder). I immediately noticed the price tag said $999--and not $1299 like the other 2-Tone ash Americans. I shut my mouth and played it for a while. The ash sounded amazing! I swear I can hear a difference between ash and alder.


At the checkout line, the manager came over and told him there was a pricing mistake and it should have been tagged $1299. He looked at my reaction and said, okay, we'll leave it at $999 because it was our mistake. They gave me the standard hard Fender case with all the goods and I walked out of there like a bandit!


This guitar is exceptional! I had my mind bent of getting the 3-Tone with alder, but didn't realize how awesome the ash sounded! And the wood grain looks so beautiful!


That is my story. I can't stop playing and looking at this beast!

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