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New Paulownia Parts Tele


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Here's the latest tele I've put together.

This one I had the help from a couple of forum members. ten56gibby, who I got the neck and other various parts from and JJPistols who made me a custom leather pickguard. Thanks guys.:thu:


So here's the specs:

GFS Paulownia Body with flamed maple veneer top.

Custom JJ Pistols Handmade Leather Pickguard

1992 Fender MIM flamed maple neck

BG Pups A3 Rockwind set

Mojo Vintage bridge and cover


These light weight bodies feel and sound so nice. This is the 2nd one I've put together. If you've been thinking of grabbing one of these bodies I'd say go for it.


Here's the photos.:thu::)





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i like it, though i think it'd look better with a plastic pickguard. something odd about the pickguard, i do like the design on the PG though, is it sitting flush with body all the way round?


how you finding the mim neck, those tele mim necks are one of my fave necks i've played, especially once worn in a little bit.

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