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fOXX Wah Pedals


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Has anybody had any experience with the fOXX Wah pedals? Have you ever used one or owned one? What did you think of it? Do you like the sound?


I'm looking at replacing my old Dunlop Wah...I can't recall the model number, but it has been modified true bypass and has 3 gain stages added. I still like the Dunlop, but I want a wah that also does volume swells.


In fact, the fOXX Wah pedal I'm considering does fuzz, octavia, wah, and volume all from the same pedal. I don't necessarily need all those functions, but I might use them.


The fOXX pedals is relatively expensive at $250, but it seems to be one of the few combination wah/volume pedals that has a great reputation for sound. I'm actually considering a factory refurbished because it will shave $50 off the price.


Here's a link to their website in case someone is curious.... http://foxxpedals.com/

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