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I got a Kustom Guitar to Match my Kustom amp!


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too cool!

i wonder what Kustom would do about that lifetime warranty these days...




Very, very cool guitar and amp combo. Black is my least favorite of the Kustom upholstery colors, but it's still cool, and certainly looks great paired with the matching guitar. Is the pilot light jewel that same purple color like on my brother's amp? How does the guitar play and how does the pair sound together? Really great recent scores on the amp and guitar.



Unfortunately, the current Kustom company is not honoring the lifetime warranties of the Ross era. My brother still uses the Kustom 100 bass amp that he bought new in 1969. It had always intermittently picked up some French radio station, so I tried contacting Kustom a few years ago to see if they'd check it out and found that they weren't covering the old warranties. When the amp started making a thumping noise, I finally opened it (for the first time ever) and found some wires that were dressed too close to the terminals on the caps, and another wire that was a bit loose and rubbing on the chassis. Re-dressing those wires stopped the thumping noise and took the Frenchies off the air.


That's the only trouble that amp has had in 40 years of use.

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