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hello all ,


There is a movement to get Jeff Healey a star on Canada's walk of fame


Help us to get Jeff a much deserved star on Canada's walk of fame. The movement to get Jeff a star is backed by his family and friends and us his fans...


So please take a moment if you can to follow the link below and register your nomination for Jeff Healey that great Canadian guitarist who caught the attention of the music world and then took his fans and friends into broader musical fields by braking the musical boundaries and stereo types that are sometimes cast on Pop or rock artists and venturing into the Jazz world and sharing his love for that style of music with his followers as well......


oh course if you dont think Jeff deserves this honor you dont have to vote its up to you and thats cool and to be respected , but if you like me and others think that the mark Jeff left on the music scene in Canadas behalf deserves to be aknowledged in a small way by giving him a star then by all means do cast your vote for his name to be considered as a deserving contender for a star on Canadas walk of fame...


The way i look at it and it is just my opinion , The USA have people like Hendrix, Britain has say Clapton , so as a guitar player i like to think that Jeff is the guy that puts canada on the map in that field of music so thats why i think jeff has done us proud and it would be a nice token of our appreciation to at least give the man a star as a thank you ...


Please Pass this link , and the info about this campaign around on the internet so that others hear about this too, and can vote,,,lets all get the word out for Jeff.....By all means if you want to you can cut and paste and use my above post on other forums if that easier for you ...or put it in your own words etc...








here is a short forum of the link - Link to canadas walk of fame


again the link .. http://www.canadaswalkoffame.com/nomination


is that enough links for you all...lol .... sorry i went link crazy... lol.


Cheers all .




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I double posted my above post or should say I posted it on two other HC forums the jam, and the other open discussion forum on HC for people to read it...


just that i think Jeff was a breath of freash air when he came on the music scene and that alot of musicians of all different instruments took notice and may have drawn inspiration from the level of musicianship jeff reached considering the challenges he faced...I would have really like to repost this in all HC forums so that all types of musicians could read it but i know that would be pushing it , and i dont want to get HC admin too ticked at me...


But perhaps if HC mods and Admin can think of a forum where this might be cool to post, that i havent thought of, then please go for it , or let me know and i will post it there too :thu:


anyway just letting ya know i sorta double posted and hope your ok with my transgression just this one time...cheers .:cop::facepalm::idk:


yours Suprosuper (Healey fan) Man



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when i first heard of jeff it was by watching a local tv news segment in toronto, funny i remember the tv station too it was channel 41 global, the news caster said something like Stevie Ray Vaughn comes to town and is impressed by a young local guy who has a unique way of playing guitar, then they ran a short clip of jeff and Stevie playing...


to be honest when i first saw him holding the guitar that way in that news segment i thought Oh great some punk with some gimmicky way of playing the guitar on his lap, oh great what corny thing will they try next to get noticed ,,,then after a few seconds of listening to jeff really start to play , the hairs on the back of my neck began to rise and i got goosebumps all over and new right then and there that this was definitely not about the way he held the guitar at all, but that this guy could really make that guitar spill out some serious sonic emotional content like i was not hearing from many others out there at that time...after that brief news segment i was totally hooked and convinced that this guy could make that guitar give it up big time. and i kept my eyes and ears open for anymore news on who he was etc .


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CWOF is one of the most prestigious awards in Canada. It is bestowed annually to Canadians who demonstrated the true essence of the Canadian identity




* Nominee must have been born in Canada or have spent their formative or creative years in Canada.

* Nominee must have a minimum of 10 years experience in their field.

* Nominee must have had national or international impact on Canada's Heritage.





* Peace

* Diversity

* Harmony

* Social Responsibility

* Creativity

* Confidence

* The Drive to Succeed

* Nationalist




i've bolded things that include him. (sorry, the bodl doesnt work well on code)

Yeah he was a great guitarist and musician, but i dont think this award describes him.

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Yeah he was a great guitarist and musician, but i dont think this award describes him.



He deserves it as much as any of these musicians already inducted.



Blue Rodeo



The Hip

Tom Cochrane


He certainly deserves it more than Pam Anderson

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nickelback? {censored}. okay, yeah, he deserves it.


LOL .... ha ha ...


yeah their criteria list is really kinda goofy.. :lol:


But the social responsibility thing could apply to jeff as he did open up a club that gave new local talent a chance to showcase themselves...so I guess he gave back to his local roots which was a socially responsible thing to do ...


(btw they say he also did alot of charity work for local causes and bigger ones too)





BTW nice sneakers the_bleeding, gregory hines would probably love em eh..

sorry OT on my own thread :facepalm: , but a little trip down memory lane for me..


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