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Chick Guitarists


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the freaky chick with the dime axe no... but the other girl can play, way better than me anyway... how about you starfsky, where's your clips?


at your momma's house


If you have some recording gear send it my way and I'll make you some clips:thu:

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I have never been a fan of really any female guitarists, and still really am not...BUT I have to say I respect the rescent in the "spotlight" female guitarists. RIP..Flash Bathoroy could kick my ass, The One Eyed Dolls girl plays pretty good, and Orianthi and The Donas guitarist...Allison Robertson, can kick butt. Is it me or are more and more chicks getting into electric rock guitar? Of the girls around now, who would you say has the best technique?...Cant forget Gabriella from Rodrigo and Gabriella, although she plays acoustic now, but she is pretty f'ing good.



The GREAT KAT can & will kick every ones ass on this entire forum.


Love or hate that can of sheard fest, that woman play w the best men in the world - FACT !



Some more female guitarists that imho are very, very good in ther genre's :




















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Hell, EVERY woman posted so far can play better than me ... you go girls, BRING THE ROCK! :rawk:

But its odd that this pops up as a "new" trend every so often but I can remember women kicking ass back to the early 80's, Girl's School anyone, and that's just my personal memories ...

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