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'78 Musicmaster Restoration


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Here is my project goal:



All started when i picked up a '78 Musicmaster neck locally for $50. I knew i had to have it and that I would be making a whole guitar out of it some day :?


The body and pickguard are coming from Stewart [shortscale]. It is a '78, perfect match for my neck!

here is the current state of the body, it was previously routed as usual but stewart has done a pretty good job of cleaning it up, already primered and ready for paint it looks like



I was initially going to buy the black pickguard from him as well until i found this:


Its a loaded '78/9 Musicmaster pickguard! could my luck be any better

I also found a great price on a bridge from the same shop:


It was listed on his website as a Musicmaster Bass bridge but its a guitar bridge. Maybe why it has gone unnoticed and priced low


All thats really left is a neck plate and tuners. The tuning keys will be re-issue F tuners, and i'll keep an eye out for a proper F neck plate but in the mean time any old one will do.


Really excited to see this come together from the right parts!

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I've thought about doing the same thing before. This may sound wierd, but I wouldnt feel so bad stripping and refinishing a "parts" guitar as I would one that was all original. That and I'm not really interested in the vintage electronics so I probably wouldnt source those. Hmmmmm

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I've done this with few MM/Duos. Earliest one - a Sept 56 Duo - had the original body, neck, bridge, case and one pickup (blown). I sourced everything else to get it back to normal. Aside from the screws, it looks no different from one that hasn't been taken apart.

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The pickguard arrived today, as did the Musicmaster Bass bridge :cry: . But no matter, its going back to sunny California and I'll be recieving the guitar bridge before too long. While i've got it i figured i'd document it as such. I suppose i'll do measurements on things like string spacing, mounting hole placement, length of intonation screws.... yeah :roll:





Here is the part i've been most excited about. The Pickguard.




Plenty of the usual warping, it'll be fine once its screwed into the body



this bit dates it to '77/'78



Pickup looks to be a '79



And i have no idea how to date the pots, i don't even know if this is the right number to go off of



its no "vintage cloth wiring" but it'll do!



I've also just realized that the jack is bent out of shape

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I'll be damned, in all of my excitement i've just realized that i have a loaded BRONCO pickguard on my hands rather than a musicmaster... woe is me :lol:


I guess i'll be contacting someone about all this..... The bridge, I understand, it was listed as a Bass bridge but pictured a guitar bridge so it makes sense that they shipped what was probably only printed out as "musicmaster bass bridge"

This isn't too far off either, really its the same thing but a pickup is 6" lower :poke:

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untouched as far as i can tell. I bent it back in shape, plugged it in and held it up against my duo sonic, everything works as it should.


I'm thinking about just keeping this pickguard and making it a hardtail bronco rather than a musicmaster.... decisions decisions


Do i send this Bronco pickguard back and get the Musicmaster pickguard?

Or do i keep the Bronco guard and DO AN BRONCO!?

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