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New amp day.


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Sounds pretty trippy. I usually use a less speed than that, but I can imagine what it sounds like with something a bit less extreme.


Ivan from surf band The Maderia recently got a Gomez Surfer (which is a Brownface Showman clone) with some extraordinary vibrato. Sounds absolutely outstanding. They play one song that really features the vibrato and it sounds so good, it almost makes me cry.




Plus that vibrato/Wild channel on the Gomez has a VERY warm tone that is still very much Fender, but no matter how loud the amp is and how much treble is dialed in, it doesn't sound the least bit harsh.


I think Fender called it an optical vibrato or a light vibrato or a harmonic vibrato or something like that. I guess they didn't use it for a number of years though, just a short period.


It's amazing how much difference there is with vibrato. I like the vibrato in an AC15 (even the lowly AC15CC1) more than the Fender, and these pitch shifted vibrato units just have so much more depth and a 3D quality that just kills!



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